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Solo project

CCD Treasure Hunt

June - July 2019
6 weeks

An educational fun for kids living in "Urban villages".

It is a treasure hunt game as an educational service customised for kids living in Caochangdi, a typical “urban village” in the northeast of Beijing.

Tasks are assigned, the guide and reward is given through a platform and game installations scattered throughout the district. 

We reward kids with components that can be used to make small housewares and ornaments, which are basic objects improving their living conditions. They can exchange components, share experience and publish products with the platform as well.

We hope the ‘Treasure Hunt’ can provide kids with outdoor fun, enhance their hands-on skills, raise awareness and capability to improve their living conditions, help them make friends and have more fun with their family.

Hope the project can contribute to a brighter future for the kids and the district at the same time.

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